Letter to Daily Record 2003.


Found this copy of a letter I posted to somebody at the Daily Record in 2003. No fucker ever got back to me. Probably just as well, although I did fancy it for a laugh.

Dear Trevor Ward,

I am an artist & illustrator from Glasgow. I would like to ask you if there is any chance of giving me a shot at the drawings on the ‘Just Joan’ page on Leckie’s days off, instead of the photos that you normally use on these occasions. I find that the use of drawings is more eye-catching and interesting.

To give you an idea of my drawing style please find enclosed a CD of jpegs, and an up to date CV.

I can produce work quickly and at short notice.

Yours Sincerely,

Stuart Murray.

20th August 2003.


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No bad eh? Tenner.

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Aye, it’s no a bad mornin. Apart fae…

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10 years since In Pubs was published, new page documenting it…

It’s been ten years since the book In Pubs was published by Street Level Photoworks. For some background, the entire book, and some reviews have a look here…


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Glasgow International/Variant Magazine drawing.

I was looking through stuff on the computer and rediscovered this drawing from 2008. It was commissioned by Glasgow International to appear as an artists page in Variant magazine. It was artist Kim Coleman who suggested me to Glasgow International. They basically said I could draw whatever I wanted. The gentleman depicted had been shouting over to me and a colleague a couple of weeks previously in a pub in Brigton as we had a couple of pints after our delivery. For a while I had no idea what to draw for them, then this encounter came back to me. This drawing ended up a bit of a rush job, drawn and emailed to Variant the day they were due to send the magazine to the printers.


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What sort of art is it you do?

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See that! Hoarse there that won. Heartache…

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