About Stuart Murray

Stuart Murray’s work is highly observational with a strong element of social commentary.

Like many modern artists, Stuart Murray has two bases, spending his time between The Calton and Dennistoun. He finds this arrangement extremely stimulating.

Much of his work has appeared in the form of publications. His many previous publications include Gateway To Work published by Glasgow School Of Art in November 2014, Bucharest, published by Tramway, and In Pubs, a large format book published by Street Level Photoworks. The most recent publication, Glasweigians,  appeared in October 2015 published by Hog’s Back Press of Edinburgh. For more details of publications and exhibitions see the C.V. page of this blog.

This blog site is one continual work in progress with no end in sight.

Everything on this blog: Copyright Stuart Murray, except reviews articles etcetera which are copyright their respective authors.

6 Responses to About Stuart Murray

  1. Lindsay Ross says:

    Great work, sharp and funny. I’ve worked as a nurse for 20years, and was a postie before that. I can see these situations all the time, really well done. Love this

  2. Jennifer says:

    Really love your stuff Stuart, don’t think the link to website is working just now though? Hope you’re having a lovely weekend and thanks again for sharing your stuff with us!

  3. andy a says:

    Ahve jist red yur latest blogs and laffed abit well done big yin – spot oan wi’ the ‘life as it is oan the streets’ an the workplace anaw
    Andy A aka sortedman1

  4. andy a says:

    Well done again wi ‘ the latest sketches, we’ve probably aw met these folk, heard their speil but didnae really took it all in, tae you wrote them doon, funny how that changes the whole context of banter, we probably dismiss maist of it, without taking the time to actually enjoy some of the true wit (or lack of it) behind the blunt delivery that Glesga folk put oot( withoot even thinking too hard ) fae the 3 pint poets, N’ jagged up Janes

    keep on writing stuff,
    cheers Sortedman1

  5. Jenny Brownrigg says:

    Hi Stuart, the work on the Commonwealth Games and Referendum is looking great! Your email on website doesn’t seem to be working, can you give me a shout? Jenny

  6. imac says:

    Hello Stewart, You may remember me from the printmaking course (ended 2002), if you are who I think you are, Euan (deceased), and others had a few bevvies at the School bar….lost contact with everyone since wife died, however, almost all of my sketch books are complete and intact…I may look them out to reflect….

    Big Drew (Miller).

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