Notebooks unearthed including long-lost one documenting getting a tube rammed up my nose and into my lungs in hospital one day…

I was trying to find a particular notebook of material in the studio today and ended up finding instead the booklet referred to here recording a visit to hospital in 2004. I really thought this one had somehow completely disappeared, but it must have just been under some papers half under a drawing board for the best part of 13 years. Now I have it I may use it as the basis for a new body of work from scratch. Another two slightly more recent notebooks which I also unearthed today were one recording encounters in taxis (my original idea was to eventually have a book based entirely on taxi drivers, but this stuff will now be material for blog drawings instead) and the notebook I was actually looking for in the first place, last to be dug up today, a record of general encounters in my area.

The hospital one was the best find though, quite a surprise.


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