Some more music related drawings

Here are some more drawings from The Great Scots Musicography. When the publisher commissioned me to do the twenty-odd drawings he just gave me a list of everybody that was included in the book and said I could choose to draw whoever I wanted, as long as I spread them evenly across the genres represented and included the obvious ‘big names’. So I had to draw the likes of Wet Wet Wet, Deacon Blue, Travis and all that shit. And while those drawings are good, and I have been assured by a friend who worked for Ricky Ross that he is a helluva nice fella, Deacon Blue isn’t exactly on my turntable 24 hours a day. It was a good project to be involved in as it was something quite different from what I’d normally do. Up until then the last time I had drawn a pop star would have been Robert Smith on my maths jotter in 1990. The payment for the job funded a week in London staying with friends, and a trip to Brighton to purchase a couple of suits, a grey one and a dark brown one. They still fitted me until recently, but are now a bit snug across the shoulders.

Bert Jansch

Ivor Cutler

Matt McGinn

The Kaisers

Jesse Rae

Arab Strap

The Bay City Rollers


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