The Mark E Smith Guide To Writing Guide. Day By Day Breakdown.

Going through my bookshelf today I flicked through a few things I hadn’t looked at in a while and dug out Mark E smith Vii . It has within it The Mark E Smith Guide To Writing Guide printed in a nice old fashioned letterpress style and then a poem. I bought this book when it was published in 2008 by the now late Dave Lough. I had never heard of this writing guide even though I’d been buying Fall records since I was 14 or 15 and there is an audio version from some time in the 80’s. When i read it I couldn’t believe how much it resonated with my own creative process. here it is along with the poem:


Day one

hang around house all day, writing bits of useless information on bits of paper.

Day two

Decide lack of inspiration due to too much isolation and non-fraternisation. Go to pub. have drinks.

Day three

Get up and go to pub. hold on in there, a style is on its way. Through sheer boredom and drunkenness talk to people in the pub.

Day four

By now people in the pub should be continually getting on your nerves. Write things about them, on the backs of beermats.

Day five

Go to pub. This is where true penmanship stamina comes into it’s own. As by now, guilt, drunkenness, the people in the pub, and the fact you’re one of them, should combine to enable you to write out of sheer vexation.

Day six

If possible stay home… and write. If not go to pub.

Using this method, this is a poem I wrote, called “LONDON”



















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