Lost portrait of Alasdair Gray

This is the drawing I made in 2001 in Studio One in Byres road, Glasgow. The only copy I have of it is as an illustration to Alasdair Gray’s introduction to my book In Pubs which was published by Street Level Photoworks in 2007. In his introduction Alasdair writes “Years before I ever saw Stuart Murray he sketched me in the old Studio One pub which has since been gentrified into the Bo Bar. before that it was the last truly cheap, sleazy pub on byres Road, and comfortably empty before five in the afternoon, so sleep was possible.”

The drawing, drawn on the back of a big receipt, was itself exhibited as part of a two-man show entitled ‘Alasdair Gray & Stuart Murray’ in Edinburgh in 2004, and was never seen again.


There is possibly still out there yet another portrait of Alasdair Gray drawn by me in 2006 in Sandy Bells pub in Edinburgh after me and him had done a Q&A interview sort of thing with Neil Mulholland at Edinburgh College of Art. Here is a rare photo of me actually drawing.  The portrait itself was commissioned on the spot in the pub by Neil Mulholland and as far as I know remains in his possession. I haven’t seen it since, but seem to remember it wasn’t my best work.


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2 Responses to Lost portrait of Alasdair Gray

  1. Hi Stuart,
    I really like your work and have enjoyed the regular posts over several years!
    Are you on Facebook? I’ve had a wee look but not found you?

  2. Not on facebook Brian, never fancied it, although folk tell me i should. Glad you like the drawings, ta.

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