Another portrait of Alasdair Gray

This portrait was made five years before the one in the previous post, and two years after the first drawing of Alasdair Gray I made while he had a snooze in Studio One. This one was in the Western Bar on Great Western Road, which was a good old fashioned pub at one time, but was gentrified into The Belle several years ago. By coincidence this one was also drawn on the back of a receipt. After I had drawn this one my friend Mark, who was with me, for some reason asked Alasdair to sign the back of the envelope containing his then girlfriend’s Valentine’s card, who he was on his way to meet. He signed it “To Lizzie. Alasdair Gray. Though only God and Mark know why.”

If I find a decent scan of the drawing from Studio One which was lost by a gallery I will post that next.


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