Have a listen…

newpage004‘Stuart Murray’ by The Hermit Crabs




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2 Responses to Have a listen…

  1. Andrew Allan says:

    Mental ! how did this come about Stu?

    are they mates from the old school of art or what ?

    Stu I better no mention this at the depot , it wouldnae sound too good ,would it ?

    *Listen up everybodySTEWART MURRAYS’ GOAT CCRAAABBSS !!!*

    *it’d be kinda diificult tae get them aw tae believe that the crabs are actually a Band đŸ˜‚ *

    *cheers big yin *


  2. David Cook says:

    Hey Stuart…that’s pretty cool…a song about you! D

    Regards David


    David Cook wdavid.cook@btinternet.com 07879 665 107


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