Purchase Glaswegians by Stuart Murray



Selected Drawings 2004-2015

Published by Hog’s Back Press, Edinburgh

With an introduction by Ian Spring

New print run with a couple of typos corrected and some things tidied up. The book is available from, amongst other places:



Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow   Calton Books, Glasgow  Good Press Gallery, Glasgow    Word Power Books, Edinburgh.

Order from any bookshop, isbn number: 9-780954-070465

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Am not sure who am gony vote for this time…


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Aye it wiz a shame.


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Usedae be a singer in Glasgow, Jamie Barnes.


I remembered that I had drawn Jamie Barnes while I was at Art School the day after witnessing a particularly good set at McSorleys. I eventually found the drawing in an art school sketchbook in my studio which informed me that I had made the drawing whilst in 3rd year, so either in 1999 or 2000. When I dug it out today having not seen it for years I touched up some areas to make it a bit better, mainly some black lines and pink patches on the face and added detail to the necklaces. This drawing is in oil pastel, with the black area of the hat black felt tip pen.



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Bucharest notebook

I recently re-discovered a notebook I thought had been lost years ago ‘BUCHAREST / OCT 5th-15th 2006 / BRIEF ACCOUNT OF TRIP’. It briefly documents day by day  various events during my visit to Bucharest to take part in AWOL, 2nd International Biennial of Young Artists. The work I produced during this trip for the show eventually became Bucharest a limited edition booklet published by Tramway. (Limited to 300 copies of which I probably still have 2oo shoved in my cupboard so if anyone wants to buy one get in touch). At one time I planned to use this Brief Account of the Trip as a basis for an extended report on the visit. Reproduced below is the very last entry, detailing my first day back in Glasgow.

brief account001

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Listen ah don’t want tha…


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Any mail fur me? Anyhin… nah? nah.


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Life… is shit.

Someone’s artistic intervention on one of my old stickers on a door at Clydeside Press, Glasgow. The original image of the man saying “Life… is shit.” was taken from the final page of my publication In Pubs.
Photo by Robert James Smythe
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